Online Resources

National Cancer Institute/Cancer Information Service

Support Organizations

  • UCSF Kintalk - Education and tools to share genetic information with family members
  • UCSF Psycho-Oncology - Connect with psychologists and psychiatrists who care deeply about the emotional needs of patients and their families as they cope with cancer and treatment.
  • UCSF Art for Recovery - Individuals coping with life-threatening illness are given an opportunity to express their feelings and experiences through art and writing workshops, visits at the bedside, and individual attention. Artistic ability is not necessary to participate.
  • Bright Pink
  • FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

Li Fraumeni Syndrome

Lynch Syndrome

Pancreatic Cancer

Stomach Cancer


Pink Ribbon Program

  • Pink Ribbon Program at the Peninsula JCC - The Peninsula JCC offers the Pink Ribbon Program, a postoperative workout designed to enhance recovery for breast cancer patients. It’s the only program of its kind on the Peninsula!

Recommended Books