Join the UCSF fundraising community and make the UCSF Center for BRCA Research's work possible. 

Honor someone special, start a campaign or organize an event to benefit the UCSF Center for BRCA Research. During these challenging times, we invite your continued generosity to help fund priorities which are critical to sustaining our momentum.

What your gift means to the UCSF Center for BRCA Research

Your gift to the Center for BRCA Research will help leverage UCSF’s strength in translational and precision medicine to reach our goal of curing and preventing BRCA and related cancers within our lifetime. Today, BRCA mutation carriers have a highly elevated risk of developing cancer – in particular melanoma, breast, ovarian, prostate, and pancreatic – and up to 20% of human cancers are BRCA mutation-related or have similar properties. The Center’s comprehensive approach integrates world-class clinical care, innovative research, prevention, and education and training of future professionals to accelerate the pace of discovery for the benefit of patients and families with BRCA-related or other hereditary cancers.

Thank you for considering a gift to UCSF’s Center for BRCA Research. Gifts at every level are valuable, and together, make our work towards ending BRCA-related cancers possible. Your partnership is especially critical to realizing the full breadth of work we aspire to in order to achieve the greatest results possible for our patients.

Gift Opportunities

Annual and one-time gifts - Gifts at every level are the cornerstone of support for the Center for BRCA Research. The program would not exist without the generosity of our donors who provide core funding for the Center. Annual unrestricted gifts are particularly valuable because they provide our Co-Directors with immediate and flexible dollars, allowing them to fill gaps in funding and adapt to new opportunities.

Partnership Opportunities/Directed Gifts - Donors interested in making major investments may choose to partner with the Center for BRCA Research to direct their support to a targeted area. Below are examples of the impact of gifts in key areas:

  • Community outreach and awareness: Funding allows our Center to expand our reach and visibility locally and nationally to educate communities about hereditary cancer risk and the fact that screening can save lives.
  • Research
    • Clinical Trials: Funding helps improve today’s precision therapies, creating the opportunity to further refine and personalize treatments for hereditary cancer patients to achieve maximum efficacy.
    • Biorepository (Tissue Bank): The biorepository will serve as the foundation for the discovery of new breakthroughs in hereditary cancer treatment and prevention that will improve cancer patient care for the long term.
    • BRCA in Men: Funding will allow us to continue our research on men with BRCA mutations to shape screening recommendations for this understudied population.

To make a gift today or for more information about the Center for BRCA Research and giving opportunities, please click here or contact:

Cia Glover
Associate Director of Development
UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
(415) 502-6437
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